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About us

Our vision is to gather all information about billiard tournaments, matches and related data in a system that makes the information easily accessible to everyone.

By simplifying the organization of tournaments, make matches available in real-time and keeping a user-friendly interface to all information, we hope to make the sport more accessible for tournament managers, players, audience, media, commentators, sponsors and you.

CueScore is a result of:

  • Developers with a passion for cue sports
  • Experience and detailed knowledge on how to run a tournament, a club, venue and organization
  • A strong desire to professionalize the sport

After several years thinking about how a system like this could be built technically and visually, the year 2015 was the time when we could finally realize our ideas.

A cooperation with The Norwegian Billiards Federation was essential and the result is a complete service for handling players, clubs, venues and organizations in a tournament system that has it all. We focus on simplicity for tournament managers, players and audience. Through the system players can enter tournaments and pay the entry fee online, they will be notified when their next tournament and match is and they can keep track of the schedule through mobile phones.

Tournament leaders can seed, draw, choose different playing formats (round-robin, single elimination or double elimination charts in various sizes), start/stop matches and communicate with both players and audience through the same page. Results are generated automatically, as are rankinglists and player history.

We have great plans for CueScore in the future, and hope you will like it!

Company information

CueScore International AS

Mesterfjellveien 48
3257 Larvik

Org no: NO 917 377 596 MVA